Intel’s One API : What We Know and How to Get Ready

What is One API? This has been a common question since Intel announced One API vision during Intel Architecture Day back in December 2018. The aim of this is to deliver uniform software experience with optimal performance across broad range of Intel hardware. There has been some press releases and high level presentations depicting how One API is going to solve programming challenge for scalar processors (CPUs), vector processors (GPUs), matrix processors (AI accelerators) as well as spatial processing elements (FPGAs). For people waiting for Intel Xe as Xeon Phi successor, this is exciting.… Read the rest

First Screencast : Summary of Computing Laws!

Almost a decade ago I was involved in number of technical training activities, and I enjoyed it lot. Actually, I wanted to be a trainer before moving to academia/research. Let's keep that for later discussion 🙂 .

I didn't think about creating online videos (aka screencasting). Recently I came across Screenflow and saw how easy it is to create reasonably good quality videos/tutorials. During this weekend I decided to give it a try, and this is my first attempt!

Nothing fancy in this first screencast attempt: just took my last post and converted that to screencast. Learnt a lot of things about Screenflow.… Read the rest

Summary of Computing Laws : Amdahl, Dennard, Gustafson, Little, Moore and More…!

During one of the recent computing conference I heard the author saying:

With all the laws of computing fighting against us, the industry needs open interfaces to allow innovations...

I was curious about who all are fighting against us 🙂 . In this post I tried to put together summary of different laws related to computing (especially computing hardware trend, parallel performance and efficiency) that I came across over the years. Lets get started...!

Update If you prefer watching video instead of reading, you can look at my first screencast attempt here : First Screencast : Summary Of Computing Laws!Read the rest